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Why Choose Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic


All of our doctors have further training  in skin cancer medicine and have the surgical expertise necessary to achieve best possible results. In particular our principle doctor, Dr Andrew Li has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of complicated skin cancer, head and neck skin cancer,  which is considered one of the most difficult areas of work by many skin cancer doctors. Because of the exceptional skill and experience of our doctors, at Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic our patients enjoy the benefit of a clinic that offers exceptional care and expertise in both the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.


The NSW Skin Cancer Council does not recommend any one particular Skin Cancer Clinic or Dermatologist over another but they do offer guidance on where to get your skin checked. The following information can be found on their website (

There are four main points to consider when deciding where to have your skin checked:

1. The qualifications of staff
2.  Costs
3. Diagnosis and treatment
4. Information and follow-up provided.


About the qualifications, skills and experience of the person who will examine you, does this person have any extra training in skin examination?      YES.  All our doctors have completed further training in either area of Skin Cancer Medicine or Dermatology (see Our Doctors page).
Whether that person is a member or fellow of any professional association relevant to skin cancer.    YES.  Having completed further training, our doctor's are accredited members of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.  This college is a not-for-profit organization which "offers the most comprehensive education pathway for doctors to enter the special interest discipline of skin cancer medicine"(
    • It is also worth noting that today many doctor's sub-specialize, including dermatologists.  It is important therefore that you are seeing someone who predominantly treats skin cancers; it may not be enough that they are just qualified to do so.  You can be assured that at Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic our primary focus is on the treatment and prevention of skin cancers.  We are not only involved in the diagnosis but also the treatment of skin cancers and in the majority of cases it is unnecessary to refer our patients to a plastic surgeon as our doctors have the necessary skills to perform the surgery. This saves our patients on time, expense and unnecessary stress.
    • Dr Li is also a member of the Circumcision Academy of Australia.  Members of this esteemed organization are recognized for their expertise and professionalism in performing circumcision.  For further information regarding our Circumcision Clinic, please refer to the link on our website.

What costs may be involved, not just for the initial consultation, but for any follow-up treatment you may require.      We are very mindful of costs involving skin cancer treatment and we do our best to keep the cost low for our patients requiring skin cancer treatments. Please refer to our Billing and Bulk billing policy page. If you would like further information, feel free to call the clinic or send an email through the contacts page of our website.