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  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it
  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it
  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it
  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it
  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it
  • Skin Cancer
    No one should die from it

Our Doctors

Dr Andrew Li is a Sydney based Skin Cancer Doctor...
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Skin Cancer

It is the most aggressive type of skin cancer and it is the only type of cancer...
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Margin Controlled

At Drummoyne Surgery and Skin Cancer Clinic, we are proud to offer....
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Photodynamic therapy is a non surgical, advanced technology that can be used...
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Circumcision Clinic

Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic is a Sydney based clinic that is equipped...
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skin cancer clinic sydney cbdDrummoyne Surgery and Skin Cancer Clinic

Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic is a well-established, fully equipped Sydney skin cancer clinic, that provides high quality care and checks.  We are specialised in treating patients with head and neck skin cancer and complicated facial skin cancer surgeries. It also has a circumcision clinic for patients aged 5 years and above. Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic is a mixed practice. We bulk bill for all consultations and our surgery is open Monday to Thursday, catering for residents not just in Gladesville, Leichhardt, Drummoyne and inner west Sydney, Sydney CBD but also in all areas of Sydney.

Our special interests are:
1) Head and neck skin cancer;
3) Definitive treatment for melanoma, basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC);
4) Photodynamic therapy for treatment and prevention;
5) Circumcision for male patients aged 5 years and above.
6) Medical cosmetic treatments.

Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic is located within 5 Km of the Sydney CBD, Leichardt and Gladesville. It is situated at the corner of Thornley Street and Victoria Road, close to Birkenhead Point with ample on-site parking. It is a highly regarded clinic, especially for the treatment of head and neck skin cancers. 


A skin cancer clinic with a full range of facilities

This inner west Sydney based skin cancer clinic is a mixed and bulk billing practice that consists of two consulting suites and a purpose designed surgical unit with on-site sterilization. Open from Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5pm , appointments can be made by simply calling our surgery during our opening hours, outside of our business hours you can send us your contact details through the contacts page of this website we will call you back as soon as possible.  Our doctors are specially trained in all aspects of skin cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment using latest technologies. Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic provides all modalities of treatments in both surgical and non surgical treatments. It is for this reason that the bulk vast majority of our patients are able to enjoy the convenience of clinic that can provide state of the art treatment without the need to look further afield when it comes to more difficult surgical cases.
At Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic all consultations for skin cancer checks and circumcision inquiries are bulk billed. There may be a fee payable when biopsies or surgical treatments are required. Bulk billing is also available for surgical treatment of diagnosed skin cancers for pensioners and Centrelink health care card holders except cancers requiring margin controlled surgery.  No referral is necessary in order to take advantagae of bulkbilling .  
Please note, Drummoyne Surgery & Skin Cancer Clinic is not a GP practice.  Unlike many skin cancer clinics in Sydney that also do GP work, our clinic purely focuses on skins diagnosis, prevention and treatments. Our aim is not to miss any one with skin cancer when they attend our clinic.  Why not take a moment to peruse our website to see if we can help you? Please give us a call or if you like, you may send us a small message and one of our caring staff members will contact you.

Services provided at our skin cancer clinic. 

  • Complete skin cancer check
  • Skin cancer prevention & patient education
  • Skin cancer diagnosis and treatments
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Definitive skin cancer removal
  • Staged Margin Controlled Surgery 
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Cryotherapy & curettage
  • Other non-surgical treatments
  • Medical cosmetic

   Services provided at our Surgical Unit:

 - Head and neck skin cancer removal
 - Male circumcision (aged 5 years or over)
 - Lipoma removal
 - Surface lump and bumps removal
 - Cyst removal
 - Ingrown toenail definitive treatment
 - Skin tags removal
 - Unwanted skin lesion removal for personal reason